Huibang Real Estate
       Established in December 2003, Shaanxi Huibang Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Shiyang Group. It is mainly engaged in real estate development, full-time marketing planning and property management, and has second-class qualification for real estate development and second-class qualification for property management. .
       At present, it has developed dozens of excellent locations and convenient transportation in Xi'an, Linyi, Weinan, Huazhou, Pucheng, Puyang, Dayi, Chengcheng and Baishui counties in Shaanxi Province. High-quality residential quarters with complete facilities, reasonable layout, complete functions and beautiful environment. The property types cover multi-storey, small high-rise and high-rise buildings, and the total construction area that has been delivered has reached 3 million square meters.
       In 2010, Huibang Real Estate successfully took out Shaanxi and went to the whole country. It competed for 500 mu of land in Jinan Economic Development Zone of Jinan City, Shandong Province, and planned to build a large-scale European-style community with artdeco style.
       Especially in recent years, Huibang Real Estate has adopted a differentiated strategy and a competitive strategy in market segments to avoid fierce competition in the first-line market, based on the second and third-tier markets in the province, aiming at rigid demand and improving demand, and insisting on refinement. The management, insisting on high-quality products, has formed the "common house series" and "Huafu series" brand products, optimized the residential floor, the main cross room and horizontal hall layout, providing owners with a more comfortable living experience.
       In order to enhance the living environment and the comfort of the owners, Huibang Real Estate has established a wholly-owned subsidiary and a US property company to enhance customer satisfaction and brand satisfaction in terms of safety, environment, occupancy experience and life support. The department applauded and commended.
       Huibang Real Estate adhered to the goal of “becoming the first brand of real estate in the second and third-tier markets in the province”. Under the dual pressure of real estate policy regulation and market adjustment, it still achieved rapid growth. While sharing the historical opportunities and development dividends brought about by the process of urbanization in China, the company has successfully achieved its business objectives and achieved considerable development.
       After 15 years of development, Huibang Real Estate has established a complete set of management and operation systems and processes, forming a professional, efficient, united and collaborative management team, and accumulated rich community planning, product design, marketing and promotion. And experience in all aspects of real estate development such as property management. With the strong financial backing of Shiyang Group, Huibang Real Estate is becoming a dark horse in the western county of China, and is moving towards the goal of “a new leader in real estate development in China's second and third tier cities”.
Company Address: 1st Floor, Shiyang Food Industrial Park, No. 588, Caotan 3rd Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
 Completed project:
       Gantangyan Project Address: Yi Village, Tieluomiao Village, Xiying Road, Xi'an City
       Gantang Huafu Project Address: Fengcheng 6th Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xi'an
       Daxie Happiness City Project Address: West Section of Tongzhou Road, Dayi County
       Xiangyang Dadi Xinyuan Project Address: East Section of Qigan Street, Shuyang County
       Zijing Education Home Project Address: East Section of Chaoyang Street, Pucheng County
       Xi Cuiyuan Project Address: No. 82, Chaoyang Street, Pucheng County
       Pucheng Central Mansion Project Address: West side of Zijing Park, Chengnan New District, Pucheng County (Phase I, II and III)
       Yujing New City Project Address: Taoyuan Road, Linyi District
       Linyi Shangdongcheng Project Address: Qinling North Road, Linyi District
       Zixin Nanyuan Project Address: Wuxi West Road, Hua County
       Zixin Beiyuan Project Address: West Section of Xinhua Road, Huaxian County
       Chengbo Lake No.1 Project Address: Kaiyuan Street and Yinhe Road Cross in Jinan City
 Items for sale:
       Pucheng Central Mansion Project Address: West Side of Zijing Park, Chengnan New District, Pucheng County Tel: 0913-7385555
       Luohe Huafu Project Address: Luohe Huafu Marketing Center, South Section of Binhe Avenue, Linyi District, Weinan City Tel: 0913-2660000
       Luohe Ruifu Project Address: Weihe Ruifu Marketing Center, South Section of Chengbei Street, Lintong District, Weinan City Tel: 0913-2061666
       Wutong Nianhua Project Address: Northwest Corner of the Intersection of Afang Road and Afangyi Road, Xi'an Tel: 029-89116999
       Chengcheng Central Mansion Project Address: 100 meters south of Jiuquan Road, Wanquan Street, Chengcheng County Tel: 0913-6736555
       Luohe Capital Project Address: East Section of Qigan Street, Shuyang County Tel: 029-36204999 029-36224777
 Daxie Happiness City Xiyuan Project Address: Sales Department, Huibang Happiness City, North Section of West Second Ring Road, Dayi County Tel: 0913-3223909



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