Shaanxi Shiyang Group Financial Industry (hereinafter referred to as Shiyang Finance) was founded in 2009. After years of accumulation, it has developed into a comprehensive financial service with multiple financial licenses, cross-regional operations, complete business varieties and certain influence. Business. Shiyang Finance has a number of subsidiaries and successfully introduced Shaanxi Jinkongji Group, Shaanxi SME Service Center, Shaanxi Southwest Mining and other shareholding units, with Xi'an as its management headquarters, covering Shaanxi Province.
        Shiyang Finance provides diversified financial services to enterprises through financing, funds, wealth management, credit, guarantees, and microfinance. At present, it has established good cooperative relations with dozens of banks, trusts, brokerages and other financial institutions, and is supported by strategic consulting services provided by some well-known research institutes.
        As an important development segment of the Group, Shiyang Finance has always adhered to the philosophy of “win-win cooperation and continuous growth” and the mission of “Being a leader in financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises”, pioneering and enterprising, innovative thinking, and strict control of risks and stable operations. In the future, Shiyang Finance will give full play to its existing brand, network and talent advantages, and continue to work hard in the direction of business standardization and product diversification, and finally become a comprehensive financial service organization with sustainable development capability, stable growth capability and unique competitiveness. .
        Shiyang Financial Subsidiary
        Shaanxi Shiyang Investment Management Co., Ltd.
        Shenzhen Shiyang Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.
        Shaanxi Agricultural Industrialization Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd.
        Fuping County Huimin Small Loan Co., Ltd.
        Xi'an Shiyang Small Loan Co., Ltd.
        Shenzhen City Win-win Shiyang Investment Fund (Limited Partnership)
        Pucheng County Shiyang Broiler Industry Development Fund (Limited Partnership)
        Weinan Ecological Technology Development Fund Management Enterprise (Limited Partnership)
        Weinan Ecological Technology Development Fund (Limited Partnership)
        Xi'an Shiyang Hengzhi Equity Investment Fund Management Partnership (Limited Partnership)
        Xi'an Shiyang Founder Win-Win Equity Investment Fund Management Partnership (Limited Partnership)
        Shaanxi Shiyang Supply Chain Financial Services Co., Ltd.
        company situation:
        Xi'an Shiyang Small Loan, the registered capital was revised to 400 million yuan.
        Shaanxi Shiyang Investment, the registered capital was revised to 200 million yuan.
        The guarantee company increased the registered capital by 210 million yuan.
        Huimin small loans, increased "registered capital of 100 million yuan."
        Shenzhen Fund Company increased the “registered capital of 50 million yuan”.
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