Corporate Culture System
   First, our business: provide green products for a better life
   Second, our mission: to lead the development of the industry
   Third, our vision: to make life better, to make life more exciting
   Fourth, the core values: love, integrity, ingenuity, innovation, quality, efficiency
           Customer view: customer satisfaction is considered qualified
           Talent concept: taking morality first, applying because of talent, dedication and team success
           Product view: safe, nutritious, delicious
   V. Enterprise spirit: brave leader
   6. Corporate motto: Always see your own deficiencies, see your own crisis, and see your responsibilities.
   Seven, the company's positive energy slogan: no performance, no dignity, no complaints, no excuses
   Eight, corporate goals
           Leading technology, leading quality, leading efficiency, leading culture
   Nine, "Three Thinkings"
           Digital thinking: speak with numbers;
           Outcome thinking: results-oriented;
           Introverted thinking: find internal causes for all problems;
   X. "Three will not let go"
           The reason for not finding the problem is not missed;
           The person responsible for the problem cannot be ignored;
           Can not find the solution to the problem;
   XI, "Three styles of work"
           Do things seriously;
           Fast execution;
           Stick to the promise;
   Corporate declaration
           I solemnly swear:
                I am determined to become an excellent Shiyang person, adhering to the spirit of being a leader, and committed to providing a green product and a great cause for a better life!
                I am willing to use life practice to lead the development of the industry, casting the glorious mission of the century-old brand! Achieve a grand vision that makes life better and makes people more exciting!
                I will always remember the value principles of love, integrity, ingenuity, innovation, quality and efficiency, and constantly cultivate myself and give back to the community!
                I must always see my own deficiencies, see my own crisis, see my responsibilities, be prepared for danger, dare to bear, and go forward! Strive for the life dream of Shi Yang!
   Core values ??(interpretation)
   Love, integrity, ingenuity, quality, efficiency
           Love: To reflect responsibility and responsibility;
           Love is the gathering of responsibility, responsibility, faith, awe, and gratitude. Shiyang people should adhere to the code of conduct for treating customers, treating products, treating colleagues, and treating the ecological circle.
           Integrity: to reflect the spirit of contract and self-discipline;
           Integrity means having a spirit of contract, obeying the system, obeying the rules, and strictly self-discipline. It is the basic requirement of being a human being and the embodiment of personality. Shiyang people should adhere to the basic principles of honesty and integrity, and promote the development of enterprises and society with integrity.
           Ingenuity: To be careful and attentive;
           Ingenuity is to work hard, to strive for excellence in everything, to pursue the ultimate, and to be careful, careful, open-minded, persevering, focused and practical.
           Innovation: To reflect the spirit of continuous learning and change;
           Innovation means always seeing your own shortcomings and continuing learning. Shiyang people should be good at summing up themselves, be brave in reform, tap potential, and constantly improve themselves and pursue excellence.
           Quality: To reflect focus and focus;
           Quality means pursuing quality rather than scale, pursuing product quality, bringing value to customers, and always insisting on quality first.
           Efficiency: to reflect the per capita and return rate;
           Efficiency is the fundamental requirement for enterprises to survive today. It is the per capita contribution and return on investment that we propose. Only by adhering to efficiency can we return employees, society, and the state to realize the industry.
   Career (interpretation)
           "Providing green products for a better life" is a great undertaking that Shiyang always insists on doing. Green products and a better life are the universal pursuit and common aspiration of human beings in today's society. Shiyang will be committed to providing safe, nutritious and delicious products and services throughout the life. It advocates green concepts, defends the moral red line, is responsible to the society and the public, and is a corporate citizen with conscience. Shiyang strives to improve the quality of life of employees, customers and consumers through green products and services, and to create a better life together with all partners in the ecosystem.
   Mission (interpretation)
            "Leading the development of the industry, casting a century-old brand" is the purpose and value of Shiyang's existence, which inspires the Shiyang people to go forward and never stop. Whether it is agriculture, food, real estate, finance, Shiyang will always be at the forefront of the times, leading and promoting the development of the industry, and thus creating a century-old brand. This is the mission of Shiyang people to fight for life.
   Vision (interpretation)
           “Let your life be better and make people more exciting” is the wonderful achievement of Shiyang’s achievements and mission. In the process of leading the industry development and casting a century-old brand, Shiyang will help more employees to live and work in peace, realize their dreams and self-worth, and will continue to drive the industry, upstream and downstream and all partners to develop together. Shiyang expects to make the life of all people in the ecological circle better and make life more exciting through unremitting efforts!
   Talent concept (interpretation)
           Take morality first, apply because of it, dedication, team wins
           In selecting a person, Shiyang first examines morality and pays attention to the virtues of people. On the basis of each person's traits and expertise, the appropriate person is used in the right position to match the person and the post.
           Dedication is the foundation of Shiyang's entrepreneurship, and it is the duty that Shiyang people must always adhere to. It is also the foundation of Shiyang's future development. Shiyang pays attention to teamwork. Any individual strength is limited. Only rely on and play the team. The power of the market can win in the market and create outstanding performance.
   Product view (interpretation)
           Safe, nutritious, delicious
           Safety is the most basic requirement for the quality of products and services. It is the red line of life that can never be crossed. Through the establishment of a sound industrial chain and quality traceability system, Shiyang insists on the absolute safety of product quality and is responsible for the lives of consumers.
           Nutrition is the embodiment of high-quality connotation of products. Shiyang insists on consumers' demand for quality products, and strives to continuously explore and improve the quality of products through scientific technological research and development methods, and rewards healthy and healthy products to every consumer.
           Delicious is the embodiment of the product image and feeling, and it is the reflection of the direct feeling that the product brings to consumers. Shiyang will continue to optimize the production of products based on customer needs and create a delicious living experience for consumers.
   Stone sheep spirit (interpretation)
           "Being a leader" is the spiritual quality that Shiyang people have precipitated over the years. It requires the Shiyang people to stand for the forefront of the Yongli era, and strive to be the "head sheep" in the industry "group sheep", leading the development of the industry, making contributions to the "three rural" problems and revitalizing the local economy.
           At the same time, it also reflects the Shiyang people's courage to innovate, dare to take the road that the predecessors have not gone through; courageously struggle, can bear the hardships that others have never experienced; be brave in responsibility, do their duty to do everything well; be brave to surpass, be willing to be a team Development challenges themselves.
   Shiyang person motto (interpretation)
           Always see your own shortcomings
           Seeing your own crisis
           See your responsibility
           It is the enrichment of Shiyang's mission, vision and values. It reflects the spirit of the Shiyang people who are never satisfied with the status quo and the leader. They always remind every stone sheep to be prepared for danger, to continue learning, innovation and progress. The trend of the development of the times; spurred every stone sheep to stick to their mission and responsibility, courage to undertake, and strive to achieve the grand goal of the enterprise for the rest of their lives.
   Business goal (interpretation)
           Leading technology, leading quality, leading efficiency, leading culture
           Leading technology: Technology is the primary productivity, we must apply the most advanced technology tools, methods and means suitable for enterprises.
           Leading quality: Only by doing better than others can we survive, and quality is the foundation of our existence.
           Leading efficiency: efficiency is to pay attention to per capita contribution rate and return on investment. Only high efficiency can return to the state, society, and employees, and the industry can be enrolled.
           Cultural leadership: Only by establishing a good culture can we build a good business and be able to inherit and develop.
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