Stone sheep logo interpretation

 Like a sheep running at a speed, looking ahead, meeting the challenge, the high sheep's head abstraction becomes SY.

 Two commas in the middle: I often see my own shortcomings, which means that the development of Shiyang will never have a full stop. This is also the portrayal of Shi Yang’s self-awake.
 The two commas in the circle are intertwined and intertwined, interdependent, united and cohesive, seeking development in stability, and also embodying the advantages of the complementary nature of the Shiyang industry. It can also be seen as an organic combination of personal career and corporate growth, and also in line with Shiyang's people-oriented view of talents.
 The shape of the sheep's head with modern dynamic lines expresses the personality gene of the Shiyang people's external softness, and at the same time, it is formed in accordance with the endless taiji, which means that the modern management concept and the traditional culture are integrated.
The square and the circle in the middle are the road of entrepreneurship and innovation of Shiyang people's thinking and dedication. They are broadly far-reaching, broad-minded, united and cooperative, and endlessly prosperous. The company will continue to roll forward and develop steadily.
     The entrepreneurial development of the Shiyang Group has added new blood to the legendary sheep and gave the stone sheep a new life.
     The Shiyang people's industry has served the country, enriched the people and prospered the country, and the stone sheep that saved the people and benefited the people in the myths and legends.
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